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Shale Gas, the next big thing?

In the midst of concerns about oil running out and gas supplies becoming increasingly sensitive to political tensions, shale gas has emerged as a potential way out – at least that is the way it has been presented in the media. We take a clos…


Wind Energy Generation in the UK

As an island the UK is seen as one of the best locations in Europe for the development of wind power both on and off shore.
At present there are 265 operational wind projects in the UK with 253 onshore projects and 12 offshore. In total these sit…


Solar Energy Generation

Most of the energy we use from fossil fuels is transferred from the atomic processes in the Sun, but we can also directly harness the light and radiation emitted by our closest star to produce electricity and hot water. There are several different…


Geothermal Energy Generation

Geothermal energy is the heat energy held by the Earth as a result of the hot molten core and radioactive decay of rocks in the Earth’s crust. This heat is radiated from the centre to the surface via rising magma plumes, conduction through the man…


Environment and Public Health

The environment we surround ourselves with has a direct link to our health and wellbeing. This wellbeing relating to our enjoyment of the environment we live in, our mental and our physical health.
The ‘urban’ environment is described as ‘an area…


Evolution of energy consumption in the UK, by sector

Looking at the global energy consumption figures for the 1970 – 2007 period enables us to get rid of a widespread pre-conceived idea about the impact of the industrial sector. Generally seen as the biggest energy user, its consumption has dr…


Domestic consumption by fuel type

Solid Fuel use has declined by 66% from 1970 – 2007, a considerable drop which can mainly be explained by the switch to natural gas and the coal industry crisis of the mid-1970s and mid-1980s.
Domestic Gas usage has rocketed over the past 37 year…


The decline of solid fuel

Coal had replaced wood and fueled the Industrial Revolution, but several factors such as the 1956 Clean Air Act, the transition to diesel engines in the railway sector and the increasing mining difficulties, triggered a decline of its use starting…


Coal and Gas consumption

Coal was the first fossil fuel used in the UK. Initially it was just to heat our homes, but the Industrial Revolution saw the use steam powered machinery increase dramatically which resulted in an increase in demand and price. However our dependen…


Marine Power Generation

As an island, the UK is once again ideally placed to harness the energy of the tides. However the correct geographical locations with the right environment to generate from tidal flow currents are hard to come by. Eight sites have been identified …



In the UK, we take it for granted that we turn the tap on and clean, safe drinking water comes through the tap. However, with increasing demand upon water supplies and long dry periods, is water really as ‘renewable’ as we think?
Water levels in …


Oil - When will we run out?

Will the planet run out of oil in 2021, 2042 or 2105? How many trillions of barrels lie under the ground? As hard as you may look, you will not find a definitive answer to those questions.



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