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Kingfisher is working closely with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in three key business areas:

  • Researching, developing and implementing circular business model trials
  • Delivering Kingfisher’s Net Positive objective of selling 1000 products with closed loop credentials by 2020 – by working jointly to devise the metrics, benchmarks and reporting that underpin this commitment
  • Creating a strong network of suppliers who are aligned around the need to transition to a circular economy


We are very proud to be Founding Partners of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and to have contributed to what has already been achieved in their work in education and thought leadership around the circular economy. Our own circular economy journey is really only just beginning but we are clear about what we need to achieve and how we can work together with the team at the Foundation to ensure we remain at the forefront of circular economy thinking and practice.

- Ian Cheshire, Group CEO of Kingfisher Plc

Kingfisher is proud to support the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a charity that works within business and education to inspire a generation to re-think, re-design and build a positive future.

The Foundation works to provide a coherent framework for transition to a restorative economy. It shares widespread concern that the end of the era of cheap fossil fuels and key materials & resources, coupled with rising population, demonstrates the need for rethinking our model of production and consumption.

The Foundation’s core focus is in equipping young people aged 11-19 years and within Higher Education institutions with the necessary skills and perspective to realise the opportunities of re-thinking their future. The Foundation’s educational work takes place both within formal curriculum development and new media.

The Foundation was launched in 2010, supported by a number of leading businesses including BT, Cisco, B&Q, Renault and National Grid.

B&Q are committed in supporting the transition to a circular economy, helping showcase examples of innovation in this area, as well as developing and extending the skills of B&Q employees through a volunteering & engagement programme.

The video above shows one of the projects that B&Q have supported in partnership with the Foundation. Project ReDesign is a series of workshops and internships run across the UK looking at the opportunities of systems level re-designing around the circular economy framework for 17-18 year olds. The programme was actively supported by B&Q volunteers in the form of ‘Experts from Industry’ – providing real-world, sector specific skills to the challenge.

“We need to provide a generation with the ambition and inspiration to re-think and re-design a system that works long-term – this will not be easy but the opportunities are huge. I am proud to be working with B&Q to make this happen. B&Q’s Youth Board is an excellent example of a leading business working to both inspire young people and boldly challenging existing practices with a view to embedding change in the business ”.

Ellen MacArthur

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The Economics

The first macroeconomic report series into the size of the prize for business in the transition to a circular economy



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