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Drive circular innovation within our products and services to reinvent the future of mobility

Renault has supported the Ellen MacArthur Foundation since its launch with the strong conviction that the application of circular economy principles to their industry is fundamental to their sustainable mobility policy. The business model of electric vehicles, combining performance, comfort of use and recycling and reuse of the battery – with the ownership remaining within Renault – illustrates well the concept of circular economy.


Throughout our partnership, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has supported Renault to initiate an evolution of thinking and processes in the company, with the goal of favouring the shift to a circular economy (tight-loop recycling of materials from end-of-life vehicles, remanufacturing and re-commerce of the brand, etc.). Effectively, numerous common initiatives have taken place: Ellen’s contributions aiming to introduce this new economic model and its stakes to Renault’s employees and managers, as well as to partners and public bodies; promotion and support of car recycling programmes, through events, factory visits, etc. On our side, Renault’s experts and engineers share their unique experiences of circular economy, not only for the macro-economic reports realised by the Foundation and McKinsey, but also through workshops gathering all founding partners and representing for everyone important moments of experience sharing.

- Jean-Philippe Hermine, VP Strategic Environmental Planning

As a major automotive manufacturer, Renault knows that it has a role to play in developing the future of mobility. The company has designed its electric vehicle range as part of this innovative approach.

The Foundation works to provide a coherent framework for transition to a restorative economy. It shares widespread concern that the end of the era of cheap fossil fuels and key materials & resources, coupled with rising population, demonstrates the need for rethinking our model of production and consumption.


Ellen MacArthur recently toured the Kangoo Van R.E. Maubeuge factory in France, and praised Renault’s commitment to the circular economy, which includes the development of affordable electric vehicles. She said “This is a decisive step towards a viable, long-term economic model. We are working together to encourage the younger generation to seize the formidable opportunity it has to build a positive future”.

Commenting, Carlos Tavarès, Chief Operative Officer, talked about the business model of the electric vehicle, combining performance and user-friendliness for drivers and the reuse/recycling of batteries, of which Renault remains the owner: “It is the principle itself of the circular economy, dear to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, that Renault has fully and enthusiastically supported from the start”.

The Foundation’s core focus is in equipping young people aged 11-19 years and within Higher Education institution with the necessary skills and perspective to realize the opportunities of re-thinking the future. The Foundation’s educational work takes place both within formal curriculum development and new media.

Project ReDesign

In 2011 Renault worked with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on “Project ReDesign”. The project was organized in five regions of the UK with 17-18 year olds and consisted of a series of workshops focusing on the circular economy. Each workshop gave rise to a competition broadly supported by Renault employees, who were involved as industry experts. Renault offered a week-long training course to six competition winners, encouraging them to think about future mobility issues and the significant role that could be played by electric vehicles as part of an infrastructure redesigned in the line with circular economy principles.

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The Economics

The first macroeconomic report series into the size of the prize for business in the transition to a circular economy



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