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What is the Circular Economy 100?

The Circular Economy 100 is a global platform bringing together leading companies, emerging innovators and regions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

The programme is based on the principle that more value can be gained from collective problem solving than can be achieved by working alone. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation will further fuel this process, with the help of their global partners, network of academics and universities along with McKinsey as a knowledge partner by providing three levels of support:

  • Creating a mechanism for collective problem solving
  • Building a library of best practice guidance to help businesses fast track success
  • Provide a scalable mechanism for building circular economy capabilities within businesses

Business Rationale

The circular economy reports developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, with analysis by McKinsey & Company, established a clear framework and economic case for a transition to circular economy which has rapidly gained the attention of business and government.

The reports highlighted a combined annual trillion dollar opportunity globally in net material cost savings for companies making the transition to circular economy. Driven by factors such as increased design for re-use, new or enhanced recovery models and introduction of new business models including access over ownership models that promote greater circularity.

The Foundation has created the Circular Economy 100 programme to support business in unlocking this commercial opportunity and to enable them to benefit from subsequent first mover advantages.


Who's Involved

Over 90 members have already confirmed their membership of the programme, including:


The CE100 will seek its remaining membership from industry sectors understood to be fundamental to the evolution of the circular economy.

How will your organisation benefit?

The Circular Economy 100 aims to provide members with privileged access to a range of academic and practical tools, leveraging the Foundation’s existing knowledge base, education assets, ongoing research efforts and insight into other companies’ experience and learnings from case studies.


The Library

Members will have access to an online library of reports, presentations and white papers and will also gather circular economy best practices, benchmarks, case studies, frameworks and tools. Additionally, the CE100 website will provide a forum to showcase success stories and to exchange ideas.


Acceleration Workshops

Two-day workshops held every six months that will include plenary sessions covering core circular economy topics and elective sessions focused on common challenges, best practices, emerging trends and key learnings for circular economy innovation.

The workshops also importantly include collaborative problem solving working sessions aimed at developing action oriented programmes and real outcomes to enable business adoption of the model. For example, defining materials performance and design guidelines to enable recovery of increased volumes of pure materials for reuse and redeployment.


Networks and Partnerships

The opportunity to network with other CE100 members to explore challenges and solutions for mutual advantage and to form research partnerships through the Foundation’s Pioneer Universities group.


Executive Education module

6-week online distance learning module developed in partnership with the University of Bradford: six places per year per member company, designed to build capacity in circular economy thinking.


Annual Summit

Including keynote presentations from global business and circular economy thought leaders, the annual summit will expose members to the latest thinking, offer the opportunity to showcase success stories and network with other CE100 members and Foundation academic partners – two places per member company.

Emerging Innovators

In addition to working with some of the world’s biggest businesses the programme will include a parallel group of ‘emerging innovators’ in the form of start up or small businesses believed to hold the key to unlocking innovation barriers to circular progress by bringing either new technologies, processes, service or business models into the group.

If you think your company or organisation could be considered as an Emerging Innovator please complete the form in the apply section and we’ll be in touch.

Download the summary presentation

If you’re interested to know more about the programme then you can download our summary presentation below. If you would like to know more about how your business can benefit please contact us at: CE100@ellenmacarthurfoundation.org

Or, click here if you would like to know more about the Circular Economy.

Apply for membership

The Circular Economy 100 Send to friend Report link

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Read our Circular Economy reports, with analysis by McKinsey & Co, and discover the economic opportunities of the circular economy.



The Ellen MacArthur Foundation aims to document the best circular economy case studies, to inform, inspire and stimulate research.


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