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Point of view: Treat emissions as resources, By Braungart & Mulhall

A wave of recent developments has rendered emissions trading schemes and EU carbon emissions taxes impotent. 


Skills for a New Economy

How do we ensure that both the workforce of today and future generations are equipped with the skills needed to move towards a new, circular economy?


Upcoming seminar with the Aldersgate Group: skills for a new economy

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and The Aldersgate Group are running a seminar on the 29th November 2011 for UK businesses to offer their perspective on the future skills required to build a new economy.


Business Schools Network

The Foundation’s Business Schools Network has been established with the vision to create a new approach in business schools and through MBA curricula that engages with the key ideas and priorities of a circular economy.


Point of View: on long-term prospects & property development

“Does the sustainable property market require a new business model to evolve and prosper?”, asks Tom Watkinson.


Point of view: Re-thinking business structures

“It is time, I believe, to start experimenting with the corporate structure”, writes Patrick Andrews, a former lawyer who has been working on social enterprises and innovative business ventures such as the forward-thinking Riversimple car company.


Bradford 10+1 international conference

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is joining forces with Bradford University to run a two day international conference on closed loop thinking, from the 29th of November the the 1st of December


The Energy Debate - Do you have the facts to make your choice informed?

Rob Sauven, Managing Director of Vestas Wind Technology UK, sits on the board of Directors of RenewableUK. He gives us his views and invites us to play a little game.


Renewable energy, the impact of legislation (Part II)

Since the 2003 Energy White Paper, high demand for policy which legislates to improve the renewable energy industry and actively encourage its uptake has been seen.


Energy and emissions: legislation affecting Industry

An overview of the principal legally binding measures at work in the UK


Sustainable Information Technology and Electronics

Technology. This word no longer conjures up images of men with beards and lab coats huddled round a room-sized machine known as a ‘computer.’ Technology is now sleek, fast, fashionable and above all highly integrated into our lives. As we increasi…


Renewable energy, the impact of legislation (Part I)

A technical look at the Clean Energy Cashback Scheme: what impacts upon the UK photovoltaic & wider energy market can be expected?



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The Economics

The first macroeconomic report series into the size of the prize for business in the transition to a circular economy


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