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Highlights from Euromed

Take the South of France, some rain, 60 MBA students, a theme like the circular economy, add some of the leading thinkers and most experienced practitioners and it’s a heady mix. This is the first course we have run as a cooperation with a business school. Basic circular economy duties on day one went to Ken Webster with Katie Steiness providing supplementary support through the medium of French.

Day two was the Performance Economy and the roots of ‘cradle to cradle’ with one of the originators, Walter Stahel from the Product Life Institute (Geneva) Being a progressive school many of these sessions were built around breakout groups and presentations. Since all students have their own laptops and wifi connection this makes for some lively sessions and interesting collaboration and research online – though the old fashioned flipchart was still a favourite presentation and feedback tool for students.

Douwe jan Joustra arrived from Amsterdam on dat three, presenting on the challenge of performance related contracts: Turn Too, a business Douwe is working with became the focus for an extended piece of work designing a business plan for …Turn Too! Real firm real challenge. Day four will see Marcus Zils from McKinsey & Co commenting on the report Towards the Circular Economy plus a webinar for academic colleagues.


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The core text. Describing the basic shift from sustainability as 'doing less harm', and focussing on 'me and consumerism' to one of 'doing good' and 'systems and citizenship'.


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