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Run your own Teardown Lab

This activity can be one of the best ways to engage students around the concept of a circular economy. Participants take apart everyday objects and analyse how they were put together, what the are made of, and how easy they are to take apart. This opens the discussion about the opportunities of redesigning the product for a circular economy. At the end of the Teardown Workshop, groups will be able to:

  • discuss Design for Disassembly (DfD)
  • design products that include Design for Disassembly strategies
  • evaluate how the designed product fits into the circular economy model.

We created this short film of our own teardown. Let us know how you get on with your workshops or classroom activities on Twitter or Facebook.

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1. Material Analysis Sheet.pdf 1. Material Analysis Sheet.pdf 11/12 35 KB PDF
2. DFD Analysis a.pdf 2. DFD Analysis a.pdf 11/12 36.4 KB PDF
How long will it last.jpeg How long will it last.jpeg 11/12 342 KB JPEG
Teardown Lab Design Checklist.pdf Teardown Lab Design Checklist.pdf 11/12 57.8 KB PDF
Teardown lab teachers' guide.pdf Teardown lab teachers' guide.pdf 11/12 6.58 MB PDF

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The core text. Describing the basic shift from sustainability as 'doing less harm', and focussing on 'me and consumerism' to one of 'doing good' and 'systems and citizenship'.


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