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Colin Webster is a Development/Field Officer at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The Officers work with groups of schools throughout the UK, supporting teachers and students with the dissemination of our work, building relationships and feeding back to our writing/resource teams.

The schools are closed, but the planning continues. To be fair, I’m by no means alone in having to plan for the next school year over the period normally reserved for sunshine. The school holidays period has been a busy one for me so far. It started with the grand plan of mapping all of the teaching materials – current and forthcoming – to Curriculum for Excellence Level 4 experiences and outcomes, and to the Scottish Qualification Authority’s new qualifications. This is a pretty big job, but I’m pleased to say it’s underway. Keep your eye out on our website for when you can get your hands on this key document.

Earlier this week I met with Education Scotland to plan for Ellen MacArthur’s round table discussion at the Scottish Learning Festival in September. Debates were held over the procedural stuff – facilitation of discussion, feedback from the floor, note taking and so on. The inspirational piece – Ellen’s presentation – is in her hands. It could be that we hold ‘An Audience With Ellen MacArthur’ at the Scottish Learning Festival, too – watch this space for details!

Next week I’ll meet with the Co-op, Edinburgh Council and Scottish Enterprise. Where will I find time for my mapping exercise?

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