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The Development/Field Officer Programme

We are building a team of Development/Field Officers who will be working with groups of schools throughout the UK. They will be supporting teachers and students with the dissemination of our work, building relationships and feeding back to our writing/resource teams. As part of this curriculum development program the Field Officers will use their networks to support our ongoing work to inspire a generation to re-think and re-design using the principles of a circular economy.

Our workshops are offered free to schools and are designed to explore the principles and relevance of the circular economy, particularly in areas such as STEM, design and technology, business studies, geography, economics and enterprise.

DFOs are available to:

a) arrange twilight sessions for teams of teachers.
b) service regional full day or half day workshops
c) provide and facilitate access to resources including but not restricted to Foundation resources, which help teaching colleagues develop their skills and competencies
d) look for opportunities to support individual teachers or schools through work in the classroom (e.g. team teaching ) and to use the opportunity to develop and share insights collectively.

If you would like to get in touch with the Foundation regarding any of these opportunities for your school or pupils, please contact me

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Resource downloads

Film clips, publications, colour graphics, presentations…raw material for a range of educational activities.



The Ellen MacArthur Foundation aims to document the best circular economy case studies, to inform, inspire and stimulate research.


The Economics

The first macroeconomic report series into the size of the prize for business in the transition to a circular economy


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