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Jean-Charles Guinot

Jean-Charles Guinot

CE100 Business Programme Manager


Role at the Foundation

Jean-Charles Guinot is the CE100 Business Programme Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. He works on the development of the CE100 Programme internationally, as well as locally for the CE100 USA. The CE100 is an innovation platform that brings together large corporations, emerging innovators, government bodies, academic partners and affiliate networks; in order to build capacity, share knowledge and best practices, and work on cross-company, cross-sector circular initiatives to move to action.


Jean Charles has lived and worked in eight different countries and has ten years of experience in business development and commercial management across the UK/Europe, USA and South America. He holds a BSc in International Business from the ESC Rouen, France. He is fluent in French, Spanish and English, and possesses an excellent knowledge of Portuguese.