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Vigil Yangjinqi Yu

Vigil Yangjinqi Yu

Research Analyst, China

Role at the Foundation

Vigil is a research analyst for the project "Circular Economy Opportunity for Urban and Industrial Innovation in China" and is currently based in Beijing. 


Vigil grew up in China, did her undergraduate studies on pre-medical Biology and Philosophy in the United States, and then went to Europe for her Master's degree in Industrial Ecology. After exploring the interdisciplinary field of sustainability at Leiden University, TU Delft, Chalmers University, she completed her master thesis on “implementing circular economy in cities”, comparing two theoretical approaches based on urban metabolism. Upon graduation, she continued to pursue her interest in circular economy at the urban scale, and did an internship at TNO (a Dutch applied science consultancy), developing a model to quantify and better manage the building stock for Dutch cities. 

Vigil loves travelling and exploring different ways of life. She also enjoys reading books and writing on her blog. She aspires to one day write for the Guardian about the environmental, economic and social interface and to become a part time indoor cycling instructor.