100% recoverable and recyclable carpet material


Niaga & Mohawk 100% recoverable and recyclable carpet material

A new technology innovation that could close material loops helping transform an archetypal linear industry 

Company info

  • Affiliate to DSM
  • Carpet launched in 2017
  • Main collaborator - Mohawk, the world's second largest carpet company
  • First product on the market goes under the name Airo


For more than 60 years commercial carpeting has been made the same way. They are composed of a complex array of chemicals, including Latex and PVC, rendering the carpet materials unrecoverable at the end of the products use. The consequence is that a large amount of valuable material is lost, around 3.5 billion pounds of carpet end up in US landfills every year. The value of that material is about 5 billion dollars.

Niaga Image 1

Technical Design and Innovation

Niaga (the word Again spelled backwards) has developed a carpet material which can be fully restored to its original form in an effective and economically viable way. At after-use-stage the carpets are collected and all materials can be recovered for input to a new carpet. The carpets are created out of either pure polyester or a dual combination of polyester and polyamide, polypropylene or wool. In this case, the two layers are married together with a reversible adhesive, in other words, they can easily be separated after use. The holistic design makes it possible to capture the material value after it has been used which in the subsequent usage phase enables a reduction in production cost.

Niaga Image 3

In early 2017, Niaga partnered up with Mohawk, the second-largest flooring maker in the US, and the first company to incorporate Niaga’s system into its own. Since all tufted carpets can be made with the Niaga® Technology, Niaga expects other companies to embrace the move towards fully recyclable carpeting.

Niaga Image 2

The Benefits

  • Reduces water and energy consumption in production
  • Reduces installation time by 25% (compared to traditional carpet)
  • Eliminates volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
  • Lighter than traditional layer-bound carpeting
  • Improves indoor air quality

Website: dsm-niaga.com / mohawkflooring.com

References: Airo, Fast Company

Source: IA September 2017

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