Remanufacturing in the automotive industry

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Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions Remanufacturing in the automotive industry

Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions provide remanufacturing services on a wide range of engines and components for the automotive industry. Autocraft recovers up to 85 percent of the core engine through innovative methods, and works in partnership with OEMs when they design new engines, to design with remanufacturing in mind.

“Every year there’s a new engine part number, it is thus very difficult for the manufacturers to supply historic part model after several years”, says Steve Harris, Managing Director of Autocraft Drivetrain solutions. Since the seventies, his company is filling that gap by providing remanufacturing services on a wide range of engines and components.

To this end, Autocraft DS is always looking at innovative techniques to recover components. Recently, they invested GBP 1.5 million in ‘Plasma transferred wire arc (PTWA) thermal spraying’, a technology that allows to recover a cylinder through a thermal spraying process that deposits a metal coating on its internal surface.

As a first step of the remanufacturing process, they completely disassemble the block into its components and requalify these to original tolerance standard, whenever possible. New units can then be assembled out of these parts. A battery of tests ensure that the end product has the same emission and quality as a new assembled unit.

We need to work with the manufacturers when they are designing an engine to make the remanufacturing easier. This is already happening on the latest engines with certain customers.

- Steve Harris, Managing Director

Over the past years, engines have gradually become lighter and harder to remanufacture, making the work of a company like Autocraft DS more challenging and the costs for their customers higher. They have thus recently started discussions with some of the car manufacturers on designs enabling easier remanufacturing.

Component cores ready for remanufacturing © Autocraft DS
Component cores ready for remanufacturing © Autocraft DS

Although they do most of their work on engines for the automotive industry, Autocraft is considering expanding into other types of product or components as a path for further growth, with the goal to become a GBP 20 million company within 5 years.

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Last updated Dec 2015

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