Remanufacturing of refuse vehicles

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Refuse Vehicle Solutions Remanufacturing of refuse vehicles

Refuse Vehicle Solutions Ltd (RVS) has the objective of providing a cost-effective alternative for the public and private sector, when purchasing new, high quality used or remanufactured refuse vehicles. They can carry out major modifications, provide specialist preventative repairs and maintenance services, supply temporary vehicles and stock a comprehensive range of used spare parts for waste recycling vehicles and dustcarts

Thanks to 25-years experience in building and repairing dustcarts, Spencer Law, Managing Director of Refuse Vehicle Solutions, was able to seize the opportunity for a remanufacturing service in refuse vehicles. “Customers used to sell their vehicle after 5-7 years and then bought new ones”, says Spencer. “It always seemed like a waste of money to me”.

Spencer’s business model is based around the RVS vehicle life-cycle, which takes refuse vehicles through 4 stages of ‘life’ – New, Quality Used, Remanufactured, Parts - and extends vehicle operational lifetime to 15+ years. Beginning with a new vehicle; after four or five years the vehicle is returned for a mid-life overhaul and goes back out to work as a Quality Used vehicle for another five years. At the end of five years the body requires remanufacturing and the chassis goes to a specialist dismantling company where parts are reconditioned. The remanufactured body is mounted onto a new chassis and the vehicle goes out to work for ‘third’ life. When the body reaches end of life, RVS dismantle it and recondition it for parts. And so the cycle continues.

Refuse vehicles usually only break down because they haven’t been looked after properly. The current mindset needs to change. There is no legislation that requires operators to keep vehicle bodies serviced and maintained yet with proper care these vehicles can deliver three times the current typical 5 year operational lifetime.

- Spencer Law, Managing Director

RVS supplies brand new trucks, called RediTruck, from stock that are available immediately, as well as Quality Used and Remanufactured vehicles. Customers typically operate a combination of different ages of vehicles within their fleets, so RVS offers every possible option when it comes to refreshing their fleet, such as overhauling or remanufacturing existing vehicles or supplying new vehicles.

From a commercial perspective RVS Quality Used vehicles offer the same operational lifetime as new vehicles but for half the cost. Handpicked by trained RVS engineers and given a 72 point check to identify and rectify any faults, the vehicles are fully serviced and MOT’d prior to being delivered ‘ready for work’, painted in the customer’s choice of livery.

A big plus is that RVS can beat manufacturer’s lead times, and can often deliver a new or Quality Used vehicle in under 8 weeks. The typical lead time for a vehicle straight from the factory floor is 3 months plus.

Refuse vehicle before and after

Refuse Vehicle Solutions currently employs 20 people, across its customer support, sales and service departments. In addition to supplying vehicles, RVS provides a full refuse vehicle support service, including the provision of temporary vehicles from its own remanufactured customer support fleet. In addition, they outsource a number of activities, such as paintwork, certain engineering activities, and specialist engine dismantling. Looking forward, Spencer’s focus is on the quality of his service and recognition in the industry, thus providing steady foundations to his business.

For further information visit Refuse Vehicle Solution's website.

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