The €1.8 trillion opportunity revealed in the Foundation’s 2015 report reaffirms the economic rationale of moving towards a circular economy. Realising and capturing the benefits of this systemic transition requires a cross industry, cross performance, and multi-disciplinary approach.

The Programme

The Circular Economy 100 is a pre-competitive innovation programme established to enable organisations to develop new opportunities and realise their circular economy ambitions fa...

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Member Groups

The Circular Economy 100 brings together members from across the economy to provide unique opportunities for multi-stakeholder collaboration. Member groups include corporates, gove...

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Browse the directory of Circular Economy 100 members according to member type, location and industry.

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Enquiries and FAQ

If you are considering applying for Circular Economy 100 membership, please contact us using the links below. Before you do, we have put together some things to consider and a ...

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