CE100 Localised Networks

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s localised network programme accelerates the transition to a circular economy through a tailored local approach. The development stems from the successful global CE100 programme. It is evidence of the growing momentum around circular thinking, raised organisational ambitions, and the willingness to drive actionable solutions.

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The optimistic Brazilian spirit coupled with market conditions very different to Europe, provide a unique and encouraging setting for the first localised network. Changing the existing linear model to one that is regenerative by design offers a path to economic resilience for a country that is going through turbulent times. 

Launched in October 2015, the CE100 Brasil is tailored to organisations who have identified opportunities in the Brazilian market. The programme runs in parallel to and complementary with the CE100 global network. It offers a pre-competitive collaboration and innovation platform that brings together key stakeholders from businesses, governments, academia and affiliate organisations to work as a living lab for the transition to the circular economy in Brazil. The CE100 Brasil enables member organisations to develop understanding, overcome challenges, and capture opportunities arising from the country’s unique characteristics. 

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A circular economy in Brazil: An initial exploration

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In its first year, the CE100 Brasil and Ellen MacArthur Foundation have collaborated to develop a position paper which provides an initial overview of existing circular economy activities in Brazil and identifies the potential opportunities in bringing them to scale. 

Download the paper and the supporting case study appendix below. 

Download the position paper and supporting appendix