CE100 Localised Networks

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s localised network programme accelerates the transition to a circular economy through a tailored local approach. The development stems from the successful global CE100 programme. It is evidence of the growing momentum around circular thinking, raised organisational ambitions, and the willingness to drive actionable solutions.

As the understanding of circular economy principles permeates through businesses, governments & cities, and educational institutions, there is increasing demand for localised insights, capacity building initiatives, networking and collaboration opportunities. The localised programmes reveal opportunities and challenges that are often not visible on an aggregated global level.

The structure of a global network operating symbiotically with localised networks allows both local and global members to take advantage of the macro trends and micro local economic conditions in their transition to becoming circular businesses in a more effective economic system.

In line with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, it has so far launched two localised programmes, one in Brazil and most recently in the U.S..