The Ellen MacArthur Foundation believes that business innovation is at the heart of every transaction to the circular economy. The Foundation works with its global partners (Danone, Google, H & M, Intesa Sanpaolo, NIKE Inc., Philips, Renault and Unilever) to develop circular business initiatives and overcome the challenges of implementation. In 2013, with the support of its global partners, he created the first specific innovation program circular economy in the world, Economy Circular 100 (CE100) . Members of the program include industry-leading companies, emerging innovators (SMEs), branch networks, state authorities, regions and cities. The program is a unique forum for forging circular capacities, overcoming the usual barriers to progress, understanding the need to make conditions possible and directing circular practices in a collaborative environment.


Programa Economía Circular 100 – CE100

The Foundation has created the Circular Economy Program 100 to support companies, governments and cities to make these opportunities possible. This global platform brings together leading companies, emerging innovators, SMEs, state agencies, cities, academic partners and affiliate networks to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

With the help of its global partners, academic partners, along with McKinsey as a knowledge partner, the Foundation offers four levels of support:

• Provide an expandable mechanism to forge capabilities for a circular economy in companies and regions.

• Create a library of guidance, tools and best practices analysis to help companies accelerate their success.

• Access a global network of experts, companies and regions of circular economy.

• Adapt activities to stimulate and develop inter-company, intersectoral and pre-competitive collaboration initiatives.

Services offered include:

- Initial workshop: to discuss principles and set goals

- Executive Education Course: Module distance learning online six weeks, designed to build the capacity of thought of the circular economy.

- Access to a library online reports, white papers, case studies, frameworks and thinking tools to promote circular economy.

- Opportunity to establish relationships with other CE100 members to explore challenges and solutions for mutual advantage and form analysis alliances through the group of pioneering Universities of the Foundation.

- Two-day workshops held every six months to develop action-oriented programs and actual results.

- Annual Summit: Includes keynote presentations from business thinking leaders and circular economy experts from all over the world.

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Proyecto MainStream

The Mainstream Project is a multi-sectoral global initiative headed by CEOs to accelerate business innovation and help shape the circular economy. MainStream is expected to test the concept of the economic and environmental benefits of a circular economy through specific programs and reach inflection points that accelerate the transition, thereby establishing circular economy as the new standard. This could help businesses and cities save 500 million USD worth of materials and avoid 100 million tons of waste worldwide.

The Global Plastic Packaging Roadmap (global roadmap for plastic containers) will be essential for the design of plastic containers and guidance systems for waste cities circular economy.

The Project Eco-design aims to start with paper, one of the most recycled in the world and better products, to reach proof of concept to establish eco - design standards with approaches that can be replicated in other sectors.

With the creation of evidence and a set of tools, the project Intelligent  Assets  encourage and guide enterprises to adopt adequate levels of asset tracking to maximize the value, as clients and / or third party providers may recover from the Products at the end of their first use or their subsequent uses.

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