500 global businesses sign up to Circulytics

June 01, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on communities around the world. As we prepare to meet the unprecedented economic challenges caused by this crisis, we must work together to rebuild the global economy so that we emerge stronger and more resilient. This is a time for companies to re-evaluate their strategies, business models, and materials sourcing. Transitioning from the ‘take, make, waste’ economy to a circular economy will benefit businesses, people, and the environment, and Circulytics is helping companies on their circular economy journey.

Launched by the Foundation in January this year, Circulytics is the most comprehensive circularity measurement tool available. It enables companies to measure circularity across their entire operation — regardless of the size, complexity or nature of their business — and identifies opportunities to further adopt and embed circular practices, driving the global transition to a circular economy.

Imagine if companies could create strategies for both better profits and a better future. Businesses are recognising how circular economy strategies can create long-term success, open up new areas for growth, and contribute to thriving economies. To make the right strategic decisions, companies need the right data. Circulytics uses the widest set of circular economy indicators available today and provides world-leading analysis and insight from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Circulytics gives companies the most comprehensive picture of their circular economy performance, opportunities for innovation, and the ability to measure progress.

- Dame Ellen MacArthur - Founder, Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Since its launch, the businesses that have signed up to complete a Circulytics assessment include 121 companies with an annual revenue of more than USD 1bn. We developed Circulytics in collaboration with our business network to respond to growing demand — businesses told us they wanted a comprehensive tool to measure circularity, and one that looked beyond products and material flows. Many companies will have already collated much of the data needed for Circulytics from existing non-financial reporting standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, which will make it easier to complete the assessment. A communications toolkit is also provided to help discussion regarding scores and circular economy journeys. Circulytics provides unprecedented clarity about circular economy performance. It is easy to use, demonstrates success using clear metrics, and empowers businesses to develop circular strategies that will deliver long-term growth

We see the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as the thought leader on the circular economy. They are credible, they are independent, and also they have a lot of participating members — so we trust and believe that by the time they have developed a metric it’s robust, it’s thought through, and it’s a fair, objective measurement.

- Gavin Warner - Unilever

We need more and better data. The current measurement systems we have are not scratching the surface or measuring entirely whether we are on the right track or not. We need this measurement system because we are losing time. It’s awful to think that companies that are really committed to making a change are forgetting areas because the measurement system is not adequate. Moving forward, the inputs and outputs measurements have been used to set objectives for our 2025 Sustainability Strategy. Circulytics will be a core component of our 2025 targets reporting and tracking.

- Marianne Richeux - Brambles

We need better information because, quite honestly, we are being asked for more information. Our customers and investors are more and more interested in this as a topic and we need a way to talk about it in a quantifiable way. It’s a great way to have conversations and communicate with our customers.

- Tom Giddings - DS Smith

Think circular, act circular, measure circular: business leaders discuss Circulytics

Find out more about Circulytics and how to complete an assessment.

We would also like to invite you to attend a webinar at 3pm on Monday, 22nd June. Join the Foundation’s experts and business representatives to find out more about Circulytics and how it can benefit your business.

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