A world without measurement doesn’t work

May 04, 2021

Measuring progress against targets is vital for any business. You track your company’s sales figures, cost base, and carbon emissions — but what about its circular economy performance?

We cannot create a circular economy until we can properly measure it.

Circulytics, our free, award-winning tool, is the most comprehensive circular economy performance measurement tool available. It can be used by any company — regardless of size, industry or region — and it’s vital for anyone that’s serious about transitioning to a circular way of doing business.

More businesses are recognising that the circular economy can help build long-term growth and tackle global challenges such as climate change and pollution — but to have a real impact, they need to know how they are performing.

How it works

After submitting your company data across a range of indicators, you’ll receive a scorecard that highlights both successes as well as opportunities to adopt or further embed circular practices.

Circulytics provides insights to inform strategic decision-making at your organisation, which are vital for companies turning to the circular economy to meet their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change targets. It enables you to demonstrate how circular your business is to customers and investors, who are actively seeking to invest in businesses that are leading the way.

What businesses say

Globally, more than 1,000 businesses have signed up to complete a Circulytics assessment. They want to compare their performance with others in their industry, seize opportunities to fast-track their circular economy transition, and unlock the benefits for their business, society, and the environment.

They want to be part of the solution. Join them today — find out more and sign up to Circulytics.

Circulytics Logos News Item

We are working to support some of our key suppliers to complete a Circulytics assessment too — collaboration is key to scaling solutions, we know we can’t do it alone.

- Wouter van Tol, Head of Sustainability, Government, and Community Affairs, DS Smith

Like many businesses, we are developing circular strategies to create resilience and long-term growth. Besides strong commitments and bold actions, we — and the whole industry — need tools that help us measure our performance on this journey.

- Cecilia Brännsten, Environmental Sustainability Manager, H&M Group

Circulytics is the most comprehensive tool available when it comes to measuring progress against targets, informing strategy, and demonstrating performance to stakeholders and investors.

- Isabelle Gubelmann-Bonneau, Sustainability Strategy Senior VP, Head Circular Economy, Solvay

As we transition to a circular way of doing business, we are using Circulytics to help inform our strategic decision-making and ensure our circular economy ambitions are aligned with our work on waste and climate change.

- Michael Goltzman, Global VP, Policy, Sustainability, and Social Impact, The Coca-Cola Company

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