Arizona State University (ASU) becomes a Pioneer University and CE100 member

February 24, 2016

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is delighted to announce that Arizona State University (ASU) has joined its international Circular Economy 100 (CE100) programme as a Pioneer University.

ASU is a comprehensive public research university based in the Phoenix, Arizona region, encompassing five campuses and online programmes. As a Pioneer University, ASU joins a small, select group of international higher education institutions that are developing truly pioneering and innovative circular economy-orientated research and teaching programmes.

ASU and Phoenix leaders join Ellen MacArthur to announce their membership of the CE100
ASU and Phoenix leaders join Ellen MacArthur to announce their membership of the CE100

Over the next three years, ASU’s Wrigley Institute is developing an ‘Introduction to Circular Economy’ course to introduce upper-level undergraduate and graduate-level students to circular economy principles and implementation strategies, including the application of biomimicry-based technology development and product design principles; sustainable supply chain management practices; urban anatomy; life cycle analysis; industrial ecology; and living buildings. In parallel, a professional certification program is being developed to introduce circular economy knowledge and practices to business professionals, who will have the opportunity to complete an applied circular economy project in their area of interest. A parallel graduate-level certificate program will be developed with the School of Sustainability at ASU. ASU aims to introduce formal core undergraduate and graduate circular economy programs by Spring 2018.

ASU has a track record of innovation across disciplines using leading-edge technology platforms, and for establishing ground-breaking academic and discovery partnerships across education, industry, government and the community. US News and World Report ranked ASU as the Most Innovative University in the US, ahead of MIT and Stanford.

ASU has partnered with the city of Phoenix to establish the Resource Innovation and Solutions Network (RISN), a global collaborative platform for governments, organizations and enterprises to share and develop principles and practices around the circular economy. In addition to thirteen private partners in the Phoenix area, RISN has established three international hubs in Lagos, Nigeria; Antigua, Guatemala; and India. ASU, through its Walton Global Sustainability Solutions Services, invites public and private entities to partner with RISN to join this global network.

Additionally, under the Reimagine Phoenix initiative, Phoenix is developing a Resource Innovation Campus (RIC), a 50-acre vacant land where public and private partners can collaborate, research, educate, manufacture products from the waste stream and use new technologies to transition Phoenix from a linear economy to a circular economy. As a partner, ASU will advise in the design of the campus facility following Living Building ChallengeTM standards and manage the RISN headquarters on site.

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