Circular Economy high on agenda at VERGE 2018

October 16, 2018

The VERGE 2018 conference, taking place 16-18 October in California, is positioned as 'the platform for accelerating a clean economy'. The circular economy is high on the agenda, with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation leading several conversations across the four day event.

Watch VERGE live from 21:20 BST today and throughout the course of the week.

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Tuesday 16th October: Circular Economy 101 - Tutorial
Ellen MacArthur Foundation
16:30 - 20:15 BST

This half-day tutorial, designed for attendees from all sectors and backgrounds, will provide a foundational understanding of the circular economy — a model that fundamentally reimagines the traditional “take-make-dispose” linear industrial model in favour of a system that designs out waste.

Unleashing the Global Circular Economy
Del Hudson (Ellen MacArthur Foundation), Cyrus Wadia (NIKE), Kara Hurst (Amazon) & Joel Makower (Greenbiz)
22:30 - 22:50 BST

An exploration into the circular economy, why recycling will not get us there, how organisations around the world are unlocking upstream solutions, and why upending models across industries is a $2.3 trillion opportunity.

Wednesday 17th October: A Thoughtful Conversation about Plastic
Del Hudson (Ellen MacArthur Foundation), Jeff Wooster (Dow), Lynn Hoffman (Eureka Recycling) & Andrew Falcon (Full Circle BioPlastics)
16:30 - 17:30 BST

As awareness of plastic issues escalates, more companies and cities are being asked to take action to limit its use and waste. This session will break down these key issues and explore the conflicting perspectives and priorities when it comes to navigating the plastic challenge.

Thursday 18th October: Circular Plastics Summit
Mats Linder (Ellen MacArthur Foundation), Merjin Dols (Danone), Bridget Croke (Closed Loop Partners), Joel Makower (Greenbiz)
20:15- 00:30 BST

A half-day working session convening 100+ key stakeholders, focussing on what it will take to redesign the plastics system to eliminate waste - a task that has to address the entire plastics value chain, from polymer manufacturers to brands and waste haulers, to create truly systemic solutions.

Safe & Circular: Rethinking Design and Product Development
Emma Fromberg (Ellen MacArthur Foundation), Marissa Guber (Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute), Rachel Berman (MechoSystems) & Sarah Enaharo (Tarkett)
21:30 - 22:30 BST

Circular design doesn’t happen in hindsight: designers must integrate ideas around the circular economy from the inception of the product design process through to the end of a product’s useful life. Materials lie at the heart of this process: safe, circular materials choices form the foundation of successful circular design. This interactive session will explore ways to reframe the material health challenge as an opportunity for successful circular design.

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