Circular economy workshop in St. Petersburg

November 21, 2012

On 20th November Ken Webster (Head of Innovation) and James Pitt (Strategy Advisor for Design, Engineering and Science) led a team that presented a three-hour workshop on the circular economy to 80 students, lecturers and professors at St Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. This is the largest and most prestigious economics university in North-West Russia, having links with 140 other universities around the world.

The team included also Ekaterina Kulikova (Desso, Cradle-to-Cradle consultant) well as Maria Zhlevakova and Arsene Konnov who have organised the series of events in St Petersburg (see photo).
Workshop participants first looked at the basic principles of a circular economy and then at examples of companies that are moving in this direction.


Professor Elena Gorbashko, Vice-Rector at the university and Head of the Department of Economics and Quality Management opened the workshop and welcomed the representatives of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Anna Myslova, Head of the Political and Public Diplomacy Section of the British Consulate General in St Petersburg, said that an important part of their work is showcasing what is best about Britain. “The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a perfect example of the innovative thinking that we are here to support.”

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