Cities and Circular Economy for Food invites cities to join its Flagship Cities programme

March 11, 2019

Cities and Circular Economy for Food is issuing an invitation to city authorities and municipalities to become the first Flagship Cities for a circular economy for food. The Flagship City programme aims to collaborate with up to three cities around the world on a three-year journey to develop a circular economy for food.

The programme demonstrates how the vision laid out in Cities and Circular Economy for Food can be brought to life in different geographies. By working with the cities’ authorities, along with private and public organisations, the ambition is to transform the cities’ food and organic waste sectors into globally-recognised examples. Municipalities, local and global food businesses, and resource managers will be brought together to work in new ways and drive real systemic change.

Through their demonstration projects, Flagship Cities will inspire cities around the world to join the journey to a regenerative global food system, while creating healthier, food secure, urban food systems.

City authorities and municipalities interested in becoming a Flagship City are encouraged to review the Flagship City Application and terms and conditions to learn more about the programme. Completed responses are requested by Wednesday 1st May 2019.

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