Disruptive Innovation Festival 2017 - Catch up now with DIF on Demand

November 28, 2017

The live phase of the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2017 came to a close on Friday 24th November, and ended in style with the DIF Grand Finale - a live studio session where the DIF team offered their insights into the highlights of this year’s Festival. Catch up on the finale via DIF on Demand to hear about the themes that emerged, the stars that were born, quiz games, session clips and more.

Over the course of three weeks, more than 55,000 people tuned in to the Disruptive Innovation Festival, contributing to nearly 100,00 views on content. DIF 2017 also saw the highest level of interaction, with over 10 million people reached on social media.

The last of the live sessions may have taken place on Friday, but the DIF is not over yet. Watch almost all of our sessions via DIF-on-Demand, which is available over the holiday period until 4th January 2018. Head to to search all sessions by date, topic, or through exploring a playlist.

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DIF 2017 themes

21st Century Economics

Particular sessions of note around the 2017 theme 21st Century Economics included a series of circular economy films produced exclusively for DIF 2017, which explore the idea of a circular economy from three different perspectives. During week two of the DIF, Kate Raworth joined the DIF team in the live studio to talk about How to Think Like a 21st Century Economist. Kate explored a new 21st century economic model and why she believes so many economists have got it wrong for so long.

Future of Design

Top sessions with the 2017 theme Future of Design in mind, included a series by DIF collaborator UnSchool on Designing a Post Disposable Future, a challenge was set during the DIF which encourages us all to rapidly redesign systems that sustain wastefulness and resource depletion, by reframing negative narratives. Also available is Alysia Garmulewicz’s session - The Biggest Revolution in 3D printing is Yet to Come and New Definitions for Food Packaging in the Circular Economy, a session run by CE100 Emerging Innovators Cup Club, Skipping Rocks Lab, and PA Consulting.

Age of Automation

In the final week of the DIF, the theme Age of Automation took centre stage with two particular sessions of note - David Weinberger's session on How Humans Can Thrive When Machines are Smarter Than Us and Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy's session - Maybe the Robot Invasion Could Be a Good Thing. How will we cope when machines understand the world better than us, and make better decisions than we can?

Tell us what you want from the DIF in 2018

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