Diverse and dynamic innovators join CE100 Network

April 28, 2020

We’re delighted to announce that eight new global innovators have joined the CE100.

These diverse and dynamic companies are already designing, developing, and scaling circular business models and products. As new members of the CE100, they will work with other members to share ideas and drive the global transition to a circular economy.

Emerging Innovator

Based in India, Banyan Nation specialises in supply chain data integration and plastics cleaning technology — enabling multinational brands to replace virgin plastics with recycled plastics in their products and packaging.

Biohm is an award-winning UK company that has developed bio-based materials and circular construction systems, aimed at revolutionising the construction industry and creating a healthier and more sustainable built environment.

Conscious Container has developed a refillable glass bottle system to reduce single-use packaging waste. Based in the US, it designs, sells, collects, washes, and resells refillable glass bottles that can be reused up to 25 times, reducing the C02 footprint of each bottle by 95%.

Based in India, award-winning company Ecoware converts common crop waste into biodegradable food packaging. The affordable alternatives to single-use plastics are then sold worldwide.

Freight Farms is the world leader in hydroponic vertical container farming. Its data-driven technology enables individuals and organisations to grow pesticide and herbicide-free food at commercial scale year-round, in any climate, with 99% less water than traditional agriculture — strengthening local food supply chains for communities around the globe.

PantaPå is an award-winning app developed in Sweden that rewards people for recycling. People can use the app to find their nearest recycling station, scan the barcode on the packaging they want to recycle, and receive the deposit value directly into their mobile phone.

French company PILI has developed biotech dyes and pigments for the textile industry, and aims to diversify into bio-based plastics, inks, paints and packaging. Its dyes are made from plant-based materials such as sugar or wood, offering an alternative to petrochemical colours.

Based in the UK, Unmade’s patented technology enables fashion and sportswear brands to connect demand to products and production. Its operating platform is demand-driven — enabling brands to design and make the products their consumers want, reducing waste.

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