Ellen MacArthur contributes chapter to Harmony Debates publication

October 22, 2020

Ellen MacArthur has contributed a chapter about the circular economy to the book The Harmony Debates: Exploring a Practical Philosophy for a Sustainable Future, which was published on 22nd October 2020 by Sophia Centre Press.

Edited by University of Wales Cosmology and Culture Professor Nicholas Campion, the book has a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales, and explores the different manifestations of the concept of harmony in religion, aesthetics, ecology, society, and the economy.

Ellen’s contribution is based on her talk at the Harmony, Food and Farming conference organised by the Sustainable Food Trust in 2017. In it, she details the personal journey that prompted her to redirect her focus and work towards accelerating the transition to a circular economy.

This chapter also explores what the circular economy and harmony have in common: the fact that both concepts concern the entire system; that they are both about strength and diversity; and that the circular economy is heavily inspired by nature, which is also a centrepoint of harmony. The publication is available for purchase on the Sophia Centre Press website.

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