The Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches CE100 Brazil

October 21, 2015
CE100 Brazil4

We are delighted to announce the international expansion of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's key Circular Economy 100 programme, with the launch of CE100 Brazil today at the headquarters of Natura, near São Paulo.

The CE100 Brazil is tailored to organisations for which opportunities lie primarily in the Brazilian market, and builds on the successful format of the international CE100 programme. In common with the international programme, CE100 Brazil aims to provide the tools, templates, and activities needed to support organisations on every step of their circular economy journey.

The CE100 Brazil provides members with benefits across the CE100 programme’s four broad areas, which are: research and insight, including access to the Foundation’s latest data and analysis via shared library; key capacity building activities to support organisations to raise internal awareness and train staff; unique networking opportunities; and collaboration opportunities with leading businesses, governments, cities, universities, and emerging innovators.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation ensures a constant interaction between the Brazilian and the international CE100 programme, and the sharing of latest developments.

CE100 Brazil launch event

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