Ellen MacArthur Foundation Supports Global Education on iTunes U

November 22, 2016

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation have today released its first bespoke circular economy learning resources on iTunes U for use by learners and educators worldwide.

Visual Hunt
Visual Hunt

iTunes U is the world’s largest catalog of free educational content from prominent institutions and top universities. With over one billion educational courses and collections downloaded from iTunes U, the app has unleashed the transformative power of iPad and iPhone helping to create rich, immersive learning experiences worldwide – reinventing curriculum to bring the best education to even the most remote corners of the planet.

“We’re excited to have found a platform where we can share our content with a worldwide audience of educators as well as learners themselves. The advantage of iTunes U is that its educational resources are freely accessible to users, meaning they can be remixed by educators to fit their individual needs.” Colin Webster, Education Content Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

The Foundation has created new material for iTunes U in the form of videos, PDF’s, audio files and graphics, as well as tailoring existing resources, all of which are designed to help students understand the circular economy from a range of perspectives. iTunes U is well aligned with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s wider education goals in offering a high quality, interactive platform for resources. Having this platform available for educators and students from across the network to not only access on a regular basis, but to have the ability to integrate educational apps, hand in homework, view grades and organise their learning, all from an iPad, is revolutionary. 

As a Circular Economy 100 member, Apple has worked closely with the Foundation to drive progress toward the circular economy across business and education. This latest collaboration demonstrates how pioneering online platforms such as iTunes U, can enable a broad global audience to access the thinking and learning resources needed to address the challenges of a future economy. 

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