Ellen MacArthur Foundation to host first Pacific Summit on circular economy

March 22, 2019
Pacific Linkedin

On 3rd April, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will host Ōhanga Āmiomio, the world’s first Pacific Summit on the circular economy, in Rotorua, New Zealand.

The event will gather speakers and storytellers to explore the transition of the global economy, from today’s wasteful, take-make-dispose model, to one based on continual cycles of regeneration. In particular, we will ask how indigenous knowledge can inform and guide us in this radical shift towards a global circular economy.

The Pacific Summit will focus on three themes:

  • Mātauranga: What new approaches can we unlock when contemporary economics meets indigenous worldviews?
  • Materials: How can we use experience and inspiration from the Pacific, where the issue of plastics pollution is complex, urgent and visible, to design a better system in which plastics never become waste?
  • Manifestos: Pacific states are geographically dispersed and culturally diverse, yet these are the very features that unite them. How can leaders harness this unique role and take collective action towards a shared vision for an economy that works in the long term?

Speakers and panellists include Hon. Eugenie Sage, Minister for Conservation, New Zealand; Traci Houpapa, Chairman, Federation of Maori Authorities; Leota Kosi Latu, Director General, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme; Dr Chris Kutarna, Fellow, University of Oxford; Andrew Morlet, CEO, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, as well as business leaders, entrepreneurs, and many others.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is proud to host the Pacific Summit 2019 in partnership with the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment and Scion. The Summit is supported by Principal Sponsor The Nature Conservancy, Tourism New Zealand, Sustainable Business Network, The MacDiarmid Institute, Augusto, Coca-Cola Oceania, and Fuji Xerox, and is backed by ARUP and Sanford.

Find out more about the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Pacific Summit 2019 | Ōhanga Āmiomio


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