Ellen MacArthur highlights design in BBC World Service panel discussion

March 06, 2017

Ellen MacArthur was joined by HP’s Kirstie McIntyre and IDEO’s Chris Grantham in a panel discussion to consider the role of design in a circular economy. Broadcast on Saturday 4 March, the panel discusses how viable this alternative is for how businesses work today, why it is needed, what it will look like and how we can get there while addressing the inevitable hurdles along the way.

Ce100 Summit 2016 175 Credit Martin Allen Photography 2N

During this episode of In the Balance, presenter Manuela Saragosa discusses the role design plays in a circular economy, and Ellen shares insights from the recently released Circular Design Guide. Born from a collaboration between the Foundation and Design Partner IDEO, the Guide came about from an appreciation that while design is central in the transition to a circular economy, the complex challenges of the shift from linear to circular cannot be overcome with traditional design approaches.  

The Circular Design Guide aims to enable innovators and designers working in the circular economy to ask different questions about value creation; where the value is going to come from and what value means for people, society and the economy. On a practical level, effective circular design looks beyond designing a single product lifecycle for a single user, to designing a system that creates more value by enabling multiple usages and users of that material.

Design is integral in the shift to the circular economy, and we’ve developed the Circular Design Guide with IDEO to help designers, businesses and entrepreneurs to get started. It was encouraging to hear that HP are embracing this new vision, using the circular economy as a new driver for innovation.

- Dame Ellen MacArthur

Listen again to In the Balance on the BBC World Service Radio website, or catch up by downloading the In the Balance Podcast.