From Linear to Circular: Applications now open

January 09, 2020

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is now accepting applications for the next From Linear to Circular programme.

Aimed at postgraduate students and professionals, the programme includes both an online phase and a workshop in Atlanta, USA, which takes place from the 18th-21st May. Candidates have until the 4th February to complete their applications for consideration.

The programme involves a six-week online phase, where participants work in teams on collaborative projects and connect and share ideas with peers through regular online webinars. Following this, there will be an immersive workshop in Atlanta, USA, which takes place from the 18th-21st May. Experts from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and our wider network, will facilitate in-depth sessions, and working face-to-face provides participants with the opportunity to expand their professional network and engage with circular economy practitioners, such as the Foundation’s CE100 network.

As the next generation of circular economy pioneers, you are a key part of the solution. Guided by a regenerative and restorative mindset, your creativity and leadership will contribute to the mobilisation of a new industrial system.

- Andrew Morlet - CEO, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Following the completion of the workshop, participants will join the community of Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy pioneers, where they will participate in accelerating the transition to a circular economy through utilising their knowledge, skills, and networks.

I gained new connections, new insights and motivation, but mainly I feel empowered to continue working on the transition to a circular economy and to share my knowledge.

- Lara Hotyat, 2019 alumna

The From Linear to Circular workshop is made possible by the continued partnership between the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Schmidt Family Foundation.

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