Handling Collection

January 30, 2014

New educational resources for 2014

All of our Handling Collections have now been allocated. Please scroll down to see the free digital resources still available for download. Thank you and congratulations to all those who have applied for and received our Handling Collection.

What is it?

The Handling Collection is a box full of products and accompanying teaching resources designed to challenge students to think differently about product design, materials and business models.

Each product has a story and there are worksheets developed by teachers, trialled in the classroom, to give information about the product and raise questions.

NB: All of our Handling Collections have now been given away.


Digital resources

To support the Handling Collection, a range of digital resources including Worksheets, Videos, Information for Teachers and Powerpoint Presentations about the circular economy are available to download at the bottom of this page.

gt;Although these resources complement the products in the Handling Collection, they can be used as stand-alone educational resources for students to learn about the circular economy.

The big idea

A circular economy is not just a theory. It already exists in small ‘islands’ of innovative practice. This collection features products that demonstrate how circular economy principles can be harnessed, such as:

  • A surface film inspired by shark skin, which eliminates the need for harsh antibacterial cleansing products in hospitals
  • A chair which is ‘designed for disassembly’, and every part of which can either be composted or reclaimed to make the next chair
  • A ‘plastic’ bag which you are encouraged to litter!
  • Packaging grown entirely of mushrooms that can be biodegraded


Who is it designed for?

In the Handling Collection you will find everything you need for a series of engaging, challenging and interactive lessons for students age 12+ and up to undergraduate level.

The collection is particularly suitable for use in the following subjects:

  • Design and Technology
  • Science
  • Citizenship
  • Business Studies


What's in the box?


The core of this collection is a selection of products which help you to explore aspects of a circular economy.

  • Ecovative mushroom packaging
  • Vegware packaging
  • Aveda shampoo
  • Desso carpet tile
  • Broken mobile phone
  • Sharklet antibacterial film

Information resources:

  • Animation videos
  • Two presentations to use in class
  • Teachers’ notes and worksheets for each product and for a range of additional products not physically included in this box that are easy to source
  • Specific videos and graphics for particular products
  • Instructions and videos for running a ‘Teardown Lab’
  • Circular economy card game


Learning outcomes

The collection enables students to explore:

  • What is a circular economy?
  • Why should we design products differently?
  • What is the difference between a circular economy and recycling?
  • How can we design business models to fit a circular economy?
  • Why would companies adopt this approach?

Your story...

We would love to hear from you about how you have used our educational resources when teaching and how circular economy thinking has inspired students. Please share your experiences with us via

Downloadable resources

Handling Collection - digital resourcesSend to friendReport link

Advanced Students' sheets_2014.pdf14/043.66 MBPDF
CE picture cards.pdf14/042.76 MBPDF
Carbon Cycle of Wood.jpg14/042.37 MBJPG
Diagram_US Housing market.jpg14/041.56 MBJPG
Ellen_macarthur_foundation_circular_economy_rethinking_progress_the_performance_economy.mov14/04196 MBMOV
Energy through materials cycle.jpg14/04755 KBJPG
Forest Succession.jpg14/041.94 MBJPG
G2 Card Game (PDF).pdf14/041.03 MBPDF
G2 PPT for investigating linear and closed systems .pptx14/041.81 MBPPTX
HC1 Its all about the materials.ppt14/047.81 MBPPT
HC2 Design for Disassembly.ppt14/048 MBPPT
HC3 Not a Product a Service.ppt14/043.99 MBPPT
HC4 Economics matter.ppt14/043.91 MBPPT
Handling Collection Downloads.xlsx14/0422 KBXLSX
Hierarchy of waste.jpg14/04220 KBJPG
How long will it last.jpg14/04342 KBJPG
Linear Economy.jpg14/041.8 MBJPG
Res4_MIR_Prototype_2.jpg14/04172 KBJPG
Res4_MIR_Prototype_3_1.jpg14/04275 KBJPG
Res4_MIR_Prototype_6_1.jpg14/04155 KBJPG
Resilience-vs-Efficiency.jpg14/041.99 MBJPG
Sharklet Company Overview.pdf14/045.38 MBPDF
Student Worksheets_2014.pdf14/042.58 MBPDF
Students' sheets_2014.pdf14/043.45 MBPDF
THINK Disassembly Instructions.pdf14/0416.3 MBPDF
Teachers' sheets_2014.pdf14/043.94 MBPDF
Teardown lab guide_A4.pdf14/043.8 MBPDF
The Growing Gap.jpg14/041.4 MBJPG
The circular economy and cradle to cradle design v2.3.docx14/04328 KBDOCX
The circular economy.jpg14/041.86 MBJPG
Wave of innovation_B.jpg14/041.31 MBJPG
Wood Cascade Cradle to Cradle.jpg14/041.38 MBJPG
rethinking progress small.mp414/0421.6 MBMP4
think_disassembly.mpg14/047.26 MBMPG

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