Microsoft and Hera Group become the latest organisations to join the CE100

October 12, 2017
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As a globally recognised organisation, Microsoft leads the way in transforming how people live, work, play and connect through technology. As part of its mission to empower every person and organisation on the planet, with the tools to thrive in a resource-constrained world, Microsoft has achieved 100% carbon neutrality across its global operations, invested in more than 14 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of green power and, recently launched AI for Earth, aimed at putting the power of artificial intelligence towards solving some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges.

As part of their membership in the CE100, Microsoft has identified the circular economy as one if its key environmental focus areas, exploring internal circular economy solutions in product life extension, product as a service, traditional industrial ecology in its datacentres, and circular construction solutions in its build-outs.

Microsoft has a longstanding commitment to sustainability and we’ve worked hard, across our business groups, to substantially reduce the environmental footprint of our global operations. By joining the CE100, we look forward to accelerating our progress and expanding our impact through the deployment of new tools and technology aimed at fostering new business models that reduce all forms of global waste, well beyond a focus of simply improving recycling.

- Jim Hanna, Director of Datacenter Sustainability - Microsoft

Externally, Microsoft also aims to provide technology, analytics services and other products that will enable its customers and partners around the world to successfully deploy their own circular business models—improving efficiency, cutting costs and eliminating environmentally harmful waste.

The Hera Group is one of Italy’s largest multi-utilities, operating across environmental, energy and integrated water services and leads the sector in technology, environmental consciousness and the creation of shared value. The Group is working on a number of key activities within the parameters of the circular economy including; recirculating plastics, waste collection and reuse and transforming waste to resource.

As part of the CE100, Hera aims to innovate around recycling and waste recovery, renewable energy production, and efficiently integrated water cycles. Their work will also see them aid cities in their transformation to smart cities and uphold their ambition of meeting 10 of the 17 SDG’s set out by the UN Global Agenda, by 2030.

Circularity is a fundamental piece of Italy’s framework, particularly in a local context such as ours, which witnesses an intensive use of all resources, including air and land. Well aware of the important role that businesses operating in this area will be called to play so as to meet increasingly challenging social, environmental and economic needs, we have promoted highly technological and innovative projects in the recycling and waste recovery sector, in sustainable and renewable energy production, and in enhancing the efficiency of the integrated water cycle. This strategy, based on creating shared value and moving towards a circular economy, reinforces our position as an ethically responsible company, at the service of people and the areas served.

- Stefano Venier, CEO - Hera​

Find out more about Hera and Microsoft in the CE100 Member Directory here

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