Learning from nature: first biomimicry exhibit in Europe

November 08, 2010

biomimicryNL opens its doors to the public with the interactive exhibition ‘Biomimicry – Innovation Inspired by Nature, Our Epic Journey’. This event is a must-see for designers and innovators looking for ways to create sustainable designs. The exhibition can be seen in the International Center for Sustainable Excellence in Eindhoven, Netherlands and will last until April 2011.


Innovation inspired by nature

Olympic swimmers who break world record since they use swimsuits inspired by sharkskin. The Eastgate building in Harare that uses 90% less energy by using a climate-control system based on termite heaps. Self-cleaning windows, inspired by the lotus leaf. All these innovations came to life with the help of biomimicry. Biomimicry (from bios = life, and mimesis = imitate) is a growing field that studies the technology of biology and emulates nature’s best ideas to solve human made problems. The basic idea is that nature has solved many of the challenges mankind is facing right now. Life has been performing design experiments on Earth’s R&D lab for 3.8 billion years. What’s flourishing on the planet today are the best ideas – those that perform well in context, while economizing on energy and materials.


biomimicryNL inspires and informs through trainings, workshops, lectures and education programs and advises organisations with the design of sustainable products, processes and systems. Founders are: Bas Sanders, Annette Schumer and Saskia van den Muijsenberg. biomimicryNL is based in the International Centre for Sustainable Excellence in Eindhoven and works in association with The Biomimicry Institute and Biomimicry Guild in the United States.

Visit BiomimicryNL’s official website

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