New circular economy learning hub is launched

July 18, 2019

Today, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched its brand new, immersive learning hub, which give users the opportunity to discover and explore the circular economy through curated learning paths, and real-world examples.

The learning hub tackles questions such as What is the circular economy? What can I do within my business? How do I describe what the circular economy is to my colleagues, friends, and family? These questions and more, including deep dives into fashion, cities, AI, and food, are all broached through a variety of multimedia content.

Our new, open learning hub is designed to help individuals who can effect change in the world to build their own personal understanding of the circular economy, and begin to apply this knowledge to their work. Everyone can be part of a growing global community that enables our world to thrive by creating unstoppable momentum towards a circular economy.

- Jules Hayward, Learning Lead at the Foundation

The learning hub has been developed thanks to the generous support of the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund for Strategic Innovation.

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