New circularity assessment tools launched

May 20, 2015

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design have launched new indicators which, for the first time, enable companies to assess how well a product or company performs in the context of a circular economy.

The new Indicators measure the extent to which the material flows of a product or company are restorative. In doing so, they enable companies to measure their progress in making the transition from linear to circular models, and to identify areas of further opportunity.

The Indicators will be beneficial to product designers, as well as for internal reporting, procurement decisions and the evaluation or rating of companies.

The Circularity Indicators are the result of a two-year research project funded by the European Commission’s Life programme. The project brought together European businesses, expert designers and leading academics to support the development, testing, and refinement of the measurement approach and to ensure its robustness and relevance economy-wide.

The project has delivered a publicly-available indicators methodology, a project overview and collection of non-technical case studies, and integration of the product-related indicators into a commercially-available web-based tool. This software tool, GRANTA MI:Product Intelligence™ from Granta Design, enables users to analyse and evaluate a range of environmental, regulatory and supply chain risks for their designs and products. A version including the Circularity Indicators will be available for trial in June 2015.

The full Circularity Indicators methodology, project overview, and non-technical case studies, are available to download here.

For more insight into how business can use the Circularity Indicators, read the feature article on Circulate.

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