New exploration into cities and the circular economy with Google launched at VERGE 2017

September 20, 2017

A new paper launched today as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s ongoing research programme, explores a vision for the circular economy in an urban context. Ashima Sukhdev, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Government & Cities Lead, will join Kate Brandt of Google, Joel Makower of GreenBiz and Kate Daly of the NYC Economic Development Corporation, at VERGE 2017 to discuss circular cities and the role of digital technology. The panel session entitled ‘The Circular City: What is it and how do we get there?’ will be live-streamed today (20th of September) at 21:45 BST (13:45 PT).

In the coming decades, cities will be increasingly important, as even greater rates of urbanisation are expected and significant infrastructure investments and developments will be made. Cities could be uniquely positioned to drive a global transition towards a circular economy with their high concentration of resources, capital, data, and talent over a small geographic territory - greatly benefiting from the outcomes of such a transition.

With the support of the Foundation’s Global Partner Google, the exploratory paper builds on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s own concept paper 'Cities in the Circular Economy: An Initial Exploration’ released in August, which creates a vision for a circular city, highlights outstanding questions on the topic, and offers suggestions on future avenues of research.

Cities in the Circular Economy: The Role of Digital Technology’ affords a deep dive into the crucial role of technology in enabling key aspects of the transition towards a circular economy in cities. Click on the paper titles above to explore the findings.