New policy goals offer an opportunity for circular economy transition at scale

January 28, 2021

Published today, our latest paper Universal circular economy policy goals: enabling the transition to scale, aims to create a common direction of travel in policy development for a faster transition to a circular economy.

The new policy goals will enable governments and businesses to benefit from the circular economy, which offers solutions to key global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. Together with its global network of businesses and policymakers, the Foundation created the following five universal circular economy policy goals to drive the transition:

  • Stimulate design for the circular economy
  • Manage resources to preserve value
  • Make the economics work
  • Invest in innovation, infrastructure, and skills
  • Collaborate for system change

To harness the full potential of policy to scale a circular economy transition, we need a shared understanding of the systemic nature of the opportunity and a common direction of travel. The goals recognise that the relevant policies are interconnected.

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The circular economy show

On 2nd February 3pm - 3.45pm GMT, we will discuss the paper on our Circular Economy Show. The Foundation’s experts will be joined by Stephen Schonberger (the World Bank - Director for Sustainable Development, Europe and Central Asia Region), Roberta Dessì (Inter IKEA Group - Public Affairs), and Eline Schaart (POLITICO Europe - journalist), who will moderate the discussion.

The panel will explore the importance of building sub-national, national, and international policy alignment to scale the transition. Please subscribe to our social channels (YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and we will notify you when the episode goes live.

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