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August 20, 2010

“Plans are stronger when design is firmly based on a good concept”, say Dutch architects Ro Koster and Ad Kil, who form RO&AD Architecten, combining 30 years of experience. Designing and building with the future in mind, the two associates work according to a positive and enthusiastic vision, which they share with us today. “We are at another turning point in history. The changes can be seen all around us. Al Gore may not be the most optimistic man in the world but at least he shows us that our actions are causing a worldwide climate change. Rising prices of raw materials, peak oilsup class="footnote" id="fnr1">1, decreasing biodiversity and biomasssup class="footnote" id="fnr2">2 and, as a cherry on the pie, the credit crunch. These are all indications that our existing systems are running aground. How are we going to deal with these developments? We could pretend nothing is wrong and continue business as before. We could change our ways slightly by doing things less badly. But we could, of course, also try to shape our society in a truly sustainable way and create a future which is actually fertile. Not just for mankind, but for the whole ecosystem we are inextricably bound up with. Our future is liquid and we form an essential part of it. We help create the future, which is a thought that just makes our fingers itch. We want to start working on it now, by writing this piece. We will create the next 40 years with our words, thoughts and hopes. That is the reason we express where we want to be in 2050, as human beings in the first place and as architects in the second. On the one hand to help us stick to our goals, on the other hand to inspire people to join us. This is more than just a dream or goodwill. If you take a close look, concrete, pragmatic, and inspiring developments are taking place everywhere: Cradle to Cradle, biomimicry and Transition Townssup class="footnote" id="fnr3">3 have become commonplace. They are no longer the domain of philanthropists, philosophers and visionaries but simply of builders and companies. It is no coincidence that these ideas and initiatives have reached a growing audience over the past years. This piece is the manifest of hope becoming reality. This is our contribution to the future.

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