São Paulo joins forces with Nespresso on circular coffee project

October 16, 2020

This World Food Day, Nespresso is launching Hortas, a project carried out in collaboration with our Strategic Partner the São Paulo City Hall, São Paulo-based agro-ecological and organic food co-op Cooperapas, and composting company Morada da Floresta, to lay the foundations of a circular economy for coffee in the city.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the benefits of transitioning to a circular economy for food. Nespresso Hortas will see the coffee giant collect used ground coffee with the help of Morada da Floresta to compost and donate to Cooperapas. The compost will be used to grow food regeneratively and locally for distribution to municipal food banks in order to enhance food security and access to nutritious food in the city.

Nespresso’s initial investment in the project — R$300,000 (GBP41,500)— aims to support small producers by providing technical assistance to growers who adopt regenerative farming practices.

New forms of collaboration in cities are fundamental for the transition to a more regenerative and resilient food system, which is why we are working with a group of organisations in São Paulo — such as Nespresso, Cooperapas, and Morada da Floresta — and in other cities to transform the vision into practice.

In a circular economy, food is produced in such a way that it benefits ecosystems rather than degrading them; is sourced locally, whenever possible, and is made the most of. This is a unique approach that can contribute to solving climate change and biodiversity loss, in addition to creating healthier cities and generating ample business opportunities.

- Michael Oliveira - Systemic Initiatives coordinator for Latin America, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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