Schmidt-MacArthur Summer School: Day 1

June 17, 2013

Jamie Butterworth (CEO, Ellen MacArthur Foundation) kicked off the day with a welcome and introduction to the summer school, telling the story of the Foundation so far.

Fellows and their academic mentors then participated in a ‘TearDown’ session, led by Andrew Turney from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The theme of the workshop centred on ‘voice communication’ and participants were given the opportunity to disassemble a range of phones from across the years. An interesting concept that came into discussion was the “tension” of designing for disassembly as outlined by David Peck below.

“There is a tension we identified in why a product design manufacturing company would want to design a product that the user can take apart, repair and refurbish. Aren’t they going to want that revenue generation for themselves?…So, is it more about individuals being empowered to take things apart or is it about companies having the ability to generate revenue and find new business models that work for them?”

- Professor David Peck, Delft University of Technology


The afternoon was a hands-on session exploring the differences between a linear and circular economy, led by Dr Leon Williams (Cranfield) and Professor Chris Cheeseman (Imperial). A selection of commonly used technologies were given to teams to discover how they were currently treated in a linear system. The teams went on to pitch circular product ideas to a dragons-den style board of judges.


Ellen MacArthur joined everyone at the evening meal, spending time with each of the tables and congratulating the students on their selection to the Fellowship programme.

Insight of the day

“Where there’s a need for change there will always be innovation”
- Dr Leon Williams

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