Schmidt-MacArthur welcomes 16 new students for 2014

March 05, 2014

Class of 2014: Schmidt-MacArthur fellows announced

5th March 2014 Today we are delighted to announce the names of the students selected for the Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship 2014. Sixteen postgraduate students have been chosen from our twelve Partner Universities to help accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

The Fellowship programme, a joint initiative between the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the UK and the Schmidt Family Foundation in the US, offers an innovation platform for postgraduate students and academics from leading international design, engineering & business schools to redesign the economy.


The calibre of applicants for the 2014 Fellowship Programme has been exceptional – for that reason, we have accepted two extra fellows to the programme this year. It is indicative of how far circular economy thinking has moved on that these students are interested in applying the framework to areas as diverse as engineering systems, nanotechnology, marketing, digital entrepreneurship and urban farming.

Ellen MacArthur, Founder, Ellen MacArthur Foundation


“Having worked in the Cradle to Cradle movement since 2006, it is so exciting to see our fellowship programme to advance the circular economy expanding in leading universities across the globe. It is particularly important in countries where people are most likely to benefit quickly from an industrial economy that eliminates waste. In our American universities – Stanford, Yale, Berkeley and MIT– our fellowship program is a great way to help spur the innovation we need to transform dirty, wasteful industries into clean, regenerative systems.”

Wendy Schmidt, President, Schmidt Family Foundation

The Fellowship extends its global reach this year by welcoming two new Partner Universities: Tongji University of China and MIT of the US. In addition, the Wild Card Competition, launched in January, has seen the Fellowship open its doors to worldwide applications outside of the Partner University group. This mix of global perspectives proved to be one of the key success factors in advancing the thinking of the Schmidt-MacArthur fellows of 2013. The winner of the Wild Card competition will be announced at the end of March.

Fellows 2014

Fellow: Kevin Shahbazi
University: Delft University of Technology
Subject: MSc Integrated Product Design
Country: Netherlands

Fellows: Ricky Ashenfelter & Emily Malina
University: MIT
Subject: MBA, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Country: US

Fellow: Taru Joshi
University: National Institute of Design
Subject: Ceramic & Glass Design
Country: India

Fellow: Jonathan Krones
University: MIT
Subject: Engineering Systems
Country: US

Fellow: Pradeep Bhat
University: Politecnico di Milano
Subject: MBA
Country: Italy

Fellow: Beate Sonerud
University: Imperial College London
Subject: MBA, Strategy & Economics
Country: UK

Fellow: Hanna Breunig
University: University of California Berkeley
Subject: Civil & Environmental Engineering
Country: US

Fellow: Eleanor Banwell
University: Imperial College London
Subject: Innovation Design Engineering
Country: UK

Fellow: Dustin Watkins
University: London Business School
Subject: MBA, Strategy & Economics
Country: UK

Fellow: Daniel Macri
University: Yale University
Subject: Environmental Management
Country: US

Fellow: Joe Kendall
University: Stanford University
Subject: Product Design
Country: US

Fellow: Tong Zheng
University: Tongji University
Subject: Sustainable Development Economics
Country: China

Fellow: Melissa Poutrain
University: Kedge Business School
Subject: Marketing
Country: France

Fellow: Dale Walker
University: Cranfield University
Subject: Design (MDes in Innovation & Creativity in Industry)
Country: UK

Fellow: Phil Brown
University: Cranfield University
Subject: Environmental Management for Business
Country: UK

Fellow: Barry Waddilove
University: Cranfield University
Subject: Design & Innovation for Sustainability
Country: UK

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