Six new Emerging Innovators join the Circular Economy 100

December 16, 2016
Ei Dec2016

We are pleased to announce six new Emerging Innovator members of the international CE100 programme. Biopolus, Circularity Capital, Provenance, The Renewal Company, Thread and Urban Mining join fellow innovator members prototyping and scaling the new business models that will help accelerate the shift to a circular economy.


Biopolus is motivated by a desire to make cities more efficient, resilient, and lovable. Biopolus is a leader in cutting-edge, urban infrastructure technologies, solutions and practices. Their water reuse, resource recovery, waste management, and food production solution portfolio offers environmental and financial benefits to a wide variety of communities in addition to investors and developers. Biopolus aims to establish an open platform which can manage the flows of water, energy, materials, people, and information to close the human 'metabolic loop' for the development of a circular human model.

Circularity Capital

Circularity Capital is a specialist private equity firm founded to provide clients access to investment opportunities created by the circular economy. Circularity Capital’s investment mandate focusses on investing £1m-£5m in growth stage SMEs operating in the circular economy across Europe. Circularity Capital uses the circular economy as a framework to identify and assist selected European SMEs to capture the value creation opportunities from their continued adoption of circular economic practices. Circularity Capital seeks out businesses that can out-perform the market and their linear competitors by applying the circular economy framework.


Provenance empowers brands to take steps towards greater transparency by tracing the origins and histories of products. These digital histories comprise data and content shared by producers, retailers and consumers alike, made accessible at the point of sale and to the entire supply chain. Enabled by blockchain, mobile and open data, Provenance software stores key verified information on an open registry, making it secure, trustworthy and accessible.

The Renewal Workshop

The Renewal Workshop is a new kind of apparel company that makes waste apparel and textiles into something new. The Renewal Workshop partners with the world’s best-loved brands and retailers to maintain the highest value of their products. It starts with products that need a solution like “unsellable” returns and excess inventory. In The Renewal Workshop factory in Cascade Locks, Oregon, the product is sorted, cleaned, and repaired (if needed), giving each garment new life as Renewed Apparel. The Renewed Apparel is then either sold through the original brands sales channels, or it is sold through The Renewal Workshop's website. For any product that can’t be renewed, it is responsibly managed into upcycling, or recycling in order to optimise the resources already invested in them.


Thread takes post-consumer waste from the poorest places in the world and transforms it into dignified jobs and useful stuff people love. Starting with plastic bottles, responsibly collected and processed in Haiti and Honduras, Thread transforms this plastic waste into recycled PET, polyester yarn, and fabric. Thread then partners with global brands, such as Timberland and HP to provide a responsible source material with a compelling story for their customers.

Urban Mining

Urban Mining Company (UMC) is an NdFeB magnet manufacturer and recycler. UMC produces premium grade NdFeB magnets by recycling end-of-life, or scrap NdFeB magnets. Urban Mining Company is capable of custom-making a magnet to suit any application, all while using scrap magnets as a feedstock. In conjunction with this, Urban Mining Company offers advanced material analysis and characterisation services at its Austin, Texas facility.

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