​Six new organisations join the Circular Economy 100 as Emerging Innovators

February 09, 2018
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Today the Foundation welcomes six new Emerging Innovators to its Circular Economy (CE100) programme. Established to enable organisations to develop new practices within a circular economy, the programme brings together members from across the economy to provide unique opportunities for multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Today, Black Bear Carbon, CustoMem, Grover, Kabadiwalla Connect, Topolytics and Worn Again, will join other Emerging Innovators as well as corporates, governments and cities, academic institutions and affiliates in the programme. As innovative businesses with a globally unique capability or process, they will each be welcomed as crucial players within the CE100, bringing innovative perspectives to help accelerate circular progress.

As Emerging Innovators, the organisations will join the global CE100 network at Acceleration Workshops, the Annual Summit and other collaborative events to offer insights and new ideas, as well as gain the opportunity to develop their business, learn about the circular economy and scale their ambitions. 

Click to find out more about each of the new Emerging Innovators:

Black Bear Carbon - Black Bear believes in innovation for a cleaner world. They view the global environment crisis as an opportunity to make meaningful change.

CustoMem - combines leading expertise in biomaterials and water treatment to revolutionise water treatment.

Grover - a fresh alternative to owning things which makes technology accessible to everyone. 

Kabadiwalla - an award-winning waste management technology services provider based in Chennai, India.

Topolytics - a data and analytics business focused on industrial and commercial resource use and waste.

Worn Again - UK-based innovation company, Worn Again, has developed a solvent-based recycling technology for separating and recapturing polyester (PET) and cotton from textiles and plastic bottles. 

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