The Food initiative launches a food-climate-biodiversity messaging campaign

October 16, 2019
Food Image

What if the solution to climate change was also edible? What if our food could build biodiversity, and the food we didn’t eat became something delicious?

Today, on World Food Day, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Food initiative is launching a food-climate-biodiversity messaging campaign to raise awareness about the positive impacts that the food we eat can have on nature.

How we grow, make, and eat food has the power to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. The Food initiative’s messaging campaign aims to address any lack of awareness surrounding the food-climate-biodiversity connection, and messages have been created to resonate with the food industry, citizens, and consumers alike.

With the generous support of the Food initiative’s Partners: Danone, Mizkan, Nestlé, Novamont, Veolia, Yara, and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and the initiative's greater network, our messages and examples will be pushed across various powerful communications channels across the globe. With their support, accelerating the transition to a circular economy is being made possible.

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