The University of Sao Paulo becomes a Pioneer University

September 05, 2016

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is delighted to announce that the University of Sao Paulo (USP) has joined its Pioneer University network.

With 48 faculties and institutes, USP is a major institution of higher learning and research in Brazil and Latin America.

As a Pioneer University, USP will drive several initiatives focused on the circular economy working with multidisciplinary groups of professors, PhD researchers and Masters students, including; a programme on life cycle management and engineering innovation for a circular economy, new business processes and models, research into socio-environmental issues and the integration of circular economy into the university curriculum.

The university programme will also provide support and expertise for organisations and the Government to shift to a circular economy.

As a Pioneer University, USP joins a small, group of international higher education institutions that are developing truly pioneering and innovative circular economy-oriented research and teaching programmes.