The Foundation's flagship Summit in London

June 03, 2019

What does the circular economy look like? Summit 2019 will bring the circular economy to life providing a unique opportunity to see up close and personal what it means for a range of everyday products including cars, clothing, and beer.

This year's event will feature individuals on the frontline of circular economy innovation sharing their stories, while exhibiting the products that they have redesigned.

Through immersing in these products, we will also hear the stories of people and what inspired them. The evening session invites people to bring their lived experience of the circular economy into the Roundhouse and on the broadcast.

What can we learn from their stories? The path to success is never a straight line. In reality, it’s messy, difficult, and full of unknowns. We don’t have to go it alone: the things these pioneers have learnt can help illuminate the promise and pitfalls of circular economy innovation.

The night's lineup looks like this:

  • Joaquin Ruiz, director of the earth systems research facility Biosphere 2
  • Rhiana Gunn-Wright, one of the lead authors on the Green New Deal.
  • Hugo Spowers, founder of hydrogen fuel cell car innovator Riversimple
  • Enrica Arena, co-founder of Orange Fiber
  • Tom Leenders and Dorus Galama, co-founders of modular headphone company Gerrard Street
  • Tristram Stuart, co-founder of Toast Ale and the Pig Idea
  • Siddarth Hande, founder of Kabidawalla
  • Peter Svensson, co-founder of Continued Fashion

The event was streamed via the Foundation's DIF site, and is available to watch here.

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