DS Smith


To accelerate the company’s circular economy drive and support innovation across the business, including recycling and carbon-efficiency in e-commerce.

DS Smith is Europe’s largest cardboard and paper recycler and the leading provider of sustainable packaging. It operates in 17 countries to manage over 5 million tonnes of recyclable materials each year and ensure they are not lost from the system.

The goal of DS Smith’s Strategic Partnership with the Foundation is to support innovation in its business model, to include projects on packaging design for a circular economy, and improve collection systems in urban areas. These pilots will build on the company’s efforts to recycle throw-away consumable items such as coffee cups and radically reduce the amount of fibre in its cardboard packaging.

Focus Areas

DS Smith is working closely with the Foundation across the following focus areas:

  • manufacturing 100% reusable or recyclable packaging by 2025
  • developing circular economy packaging designs
  • improving collection systems in urban areas
  • reducing the amount of fibre in its cardboard packaging

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