To scale circular economy solutions to meet critical city challenges including the COVID-19 recovery, economic development and climate change, as well as seek to inspire a generation of leaders and citizens to redesign the future.

London is a world leading city in the transition to a circular economy and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has been working with the Greater London Authority and ReLondon on various strategic projects since 2015. This includes the Food Initiative as a Flagship City and the New Plastics Economy Initiative as a participant.

As a Strategic Partner City, London joins New York City and São Paulo as three lighthouse locations with committed city leaders and engaged citizens that can drive momentum by creating and enabling the conditions needed for a circular economy to emerge and thrive.

Cities are the engine room of the circular economy. London is taking a lead in pioneering the shift required to tackle the CO2 emissions associated with the carbon footprint of the stuff we consume. Our city already has a fledgling but burgeoning circular economy made up of businesses and community enterprises using innovative reduce, re-use, repair, rent, share and recycle models of working; and this strategic partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will help us inspire and empower even more action by boroughs, businesses and citizens to make transformational changes in their policies, practices and behaviours.

- Wayne Hubbard, CEO, ReLondon (formerly the London Waste & Recycling Board - LWARB)

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